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Closing the international trade gap between east and west, by connecting businesses with people and overcoming culture and language barriers.

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Building Relationships

Making the right match between people, based on their needs and wants.

Company Foundation

Setting up local businesses for expanding towads new markets.

Trade Network

Buy and sell smart, by realising shorter supply chain.

Local Management

We manage your company locally, set-up bank accounts and realise contracts. 

Do you want to enter the EU market? or buy from eastern countries. 

No company too big or too small

We believe trade between Eastern countries and the European Union can be beneficial for all parties. Direct sales lines between East and West will enlarge sales revenues and will reduce cost on logistics.

Building the bridge between nations is though due to language barriers but also cultural differences in business. Legal challenges occur when companies are established in different countries.

To solve most issues, East-WestTrade sets out to be different on its approach when it comes to trading. By setting up or supporting with local entities we fill the gap that most companies are unable to solve.

East-WestTrade is your partner in business and makes sure you become successful in foreign countries.

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Client Testimonials

East-WestTrade helped us setting up our local office in the Netherlands including sales revenue from the fourth month Dimitri Valacov

Sales Director

Being directly connected to distributors within the Netherlands and France, East-WestTrade made sure my net profit went up with 15%. Ivan Petrov

Company Owner

I was very happy with the support of East-WestTrade to connect me directly to the right manufacturers within the Ukraine and Moldavia.

Hans Muller

Senior Procurement Manager

We make international trade easier

By connecting your company to your preferred suppliers or buyers we support your business in growth. Register today and we will check our databases and network for the most suitable matches for your company. If we find the right match we will contact you to discuss all the necessary steps.

For more information:

(+31) 10 808 1211

Building towards a brighter future

Opening local offices around the world will help you generate local revenue, more awareness and closes the cultural gap. Focus at more countries than before, with the help of East-WestTrade.

What is the investment need to realise my growth?

We offer two different services depending on your preferences. Our prices start at a minimum of €2.500,-. However many countries have different subsidies to support these costs, therefore cost can be discussed.

Can I just be connected by potential buyers?

Yes of course! in case a buyer is looking for your product or service he or she will pay for our services. It is, of course, eminent that your company is in our database and we know about your product and services.

How fast can I have a local presence?
Setting up a local entity, including bank accounts will take about approximately 1-2 months. The mather depends on market needs vs your product offer.
Where is East-WestTrade established and where does it operate?

We are located in Rotterdam, due to one of the largest harbors in the world. Our reach from Rotterdam for sales and logistic expansions are focused on countries within the European Union. However, we look towards Eastern countries such as Ukraine and Belarus for import.

Can I meet the East-WestTrade team in real life?

Yes! of course, you can. You are welcome to our office in Rotterdam, next to the central station. However, do make an appointment so we have enough time to discuss all the possibilities for the growth of your company.

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Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam

(+31) 10 808 1211


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Closing the international trade gap between east and west, by connecting businesses with people and overcoming culture and language barriers.


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