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We believe trust is earned, added value has to be shown and commitment takes time and good understanding. We ensure success based on these believes.

What makes us different

Longterm relationships

We only work towards long term relationships. Building up trust and a true partnership where we both profit.

Open communication

Direct communications lines. You know it when we know it. And we will use any time of tool needed to support this.

Honest in Business

Open about our deals. You know what we earn, how we set our tariffs and with who we are in communications.

About East-WestTrade

We are not a normal trade office. We do not believe in quick deals. We believe you can only work together if the relationship is profitable for both parties. Therefore we make sure all parties involved in building up new trade relationships profit from our work. We realize this by being open in our communications and deal structures.

Setting up a local entity can help with a European footprint. That’s why we support our client’s front eastern countries in setting up their local office, managed by us with local sales staff and experts to build up local business.

We believe long term relationships are more prosperous then short term ones. That’s why we invest in long term contracts. This sometimes means margins are lower at the start but will grow towards the future. This can also be applicable for buying products from eastern countries.

Our support in buying from Eastern countries starts with our local presence and understanding of the culture and local politics. We make sure quality and quantity are balanced correctly. If needed we can support in logistics, translations and more. In need of support, do not hesitate to contact us.

Only the Best


Quality over quantity

Although we can only work with large quantity demand and offer, we do not settle for low quality. As we believe relationships need a solid base.


Direct communications and deals

Only in need of a match. We make sure you are connected on the right levels with the right people making sure you can realize short term success with long term potential.


A local face

Our people are highly placed and well educated. We communicate minimum in 3 languages making sure we can cross barriers for you, locally and internationally.

Years Experience

Completed Projects

Field Workers

Office Staff

“Opening the doors towards the east, that was our goal for reducing costs and achieving better quality in production. East-WestTrade connected us to 3 suppliers, making sure our production lines will not be at risk.”

Jan Bouwman – Lead buyer

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Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam

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About East-WestTrade

Closing the international trade gap between east and west, by connecting businesses with people and overcoming culture and language barriers.


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